Technical Support/Account Management

Help Desk
If you are experiencing technical difficulties with, or have questions about the technical side of share1app, please email your concern to: The emails are fielded by a rotating team of staffers from the various participating cities. We will respond to your email up to 24 hours after your initial inquiry, but the resolution to your inquiry could take longer depending on the severity of the issue. Technical assistance will be available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Be sure to include your name, phone number, and the agency and program you represent. Please note that questions that are not technical in nature (e.g., regarding contract-related issues) should be referred to City staff at the City which funds your program.

Forgot Password
If you have forgotten your password, use the link below that says "Forgot your password?" The website will send a password-reset email to the email address we have on file for your program-login (username). Be sure to add the following to your email address book to ensure the email does not go to a junk/spam/trash folder:

Forgot User ID
If you have forgotten your program-login name, please email us for technical assistance:  Click here to send that email now.

Creating a New Account (in order to apply for funding)
Before you create a new account, please be sure that your agency program does not already have a program account within share1app and is applying for the first time.  Click here to view existing program accounts in share1app.  If you do not have a program account, go to the Sign up page and create a new account.  If your program is already in share1app, you will need to request access to that account.  Once you have determined that you do not have a program account in share1app, you will need to:   
  • Create a new account for each program. We recommend choosing a User Name that is program specific to make it easier to remember. For example "OrganizationNameProgram1".  For example: If your organization and program is Skyhall Mental Health - Counseling Program, the lead program user name for this program could be "skyhallcounseling1".
  • Username must be less than 40 characters.
  • For the program username, we recommend using only letters and numbers. Avoid using symbols such as / * ? > = # and other symbols.

Request Access to an Existing Account
If your program has undergone a staffing transition, the individual who held the program-login for your program may have moved on. In this case, email technical assistance and request to have the program-login re-assigned to the appropriate new program staffer. Click here to send that email now.  

Each program has one primary user associated with the account.  This person has authority to add new users to the account.  If you know who the primary user is for the program, you may ask him/her to add you (see below).  Once you have been added, you will receive an email with login instructions.  If you don't know who the primary user is, you will need to email help desk. Click here to send that email now.  

Please note that if two users are editing the same program’s application or report at the same time, overwriting can occur. It is critical that you coordinate with your fellow users in order to prevent this from happening, and to avoid working on your program's application/report at the same time.

Adding Users and User Permissions
Primary users can add new users to the account at any time. Adding users to the program account will allow them to collaborate and work on the application and/or reports. This can be done by clicking your user account icon in the upper right corner.  Click the Manage Users tab.  Click add users, enter contact information, and Save.  After you have added the new user, be sure to click the Assign Permissions icon.  Select all that apply based on what rights you would like to assign that user. 

Editing, Saving and Submitting
If you are unable to edit and/or save your work, it could be because you don't have the correct permissions assigned (see above).  Also, once you have submitted your application and/or report, it is locked from further editing (Received).  If you need to fix an error in a previously submitted report, you can send help desk an email and have it opened.  Click here to send that email now.  It will be placed into Exception status until you save and resubmit your report.

Optimum Browser
While share1app still works with Microsoft Internet Explorer, share1app is optimized for use with these free browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari by Apple.