Reporting Requirements

Reporting Requirements (for currently funded programs)
Currently funded programs are required to complete quarterly reports within share1app, even if no services were performed during that quarter.  These reports can be accessed from the Dashboard once you login.
  • The Cities use four quarterly reporting periods. Quarter 1 runs from January through March; Quarter 2 runs from April through June; Quarter 3 runs from July through September; Quarter 4 runs from October through December. Reports are due in the system by the 15th day of the month after the end of each quarter.
  • A Reimbursement Request webform should be submitted every quarter, even if no services were performed during that quarter. CITY SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS: Many cities will accept the Reimbursement Request webform in their invoicing process, and will require no further invoicing action on your part. However, other cities will have different requirements for the Reimbursement Request. Click here to see each city's specific requirements.
  • A Service Unit report webform should be completed every quarter.  All the cities are accepting this Service Unit webform as the quarterly report.
  • The Demographic Report and the Outcomes Report will be submitted once annually on January 15 for the previous year. This is submitted along with the fourth quarter Service Unit Report and Reimbursement Request.

Accessing and Submitting Reports
  • Once you submit the reports, they will be locked from further editing.  If you need to make a change, you can email the helpdesk and ask to open the report.
  • Access to next quarter’s reporting forms will be available once you have submitted the prior quarter’s reports – i.e. you will not be able to work on 4th quarters reports until 3rd quarter has been submitted.